Paint correction

Is your vehicle’s paint marred by certain defects like swirls, scratches, oxidation, or blemishes? If you want to get these defects corrected and restore the original look of your vehicle, then paint correction may be something for you to consider.  I offer different levels of service depending on the damage to the paint and what you would like to accomplish with the correction. 


Safe Paint Correction Is Important

My objective with paint correction is to preserve as much of the clear coat as possible while safely removing swirls, scratches and other defects from the clear coat.  Most modern vehicles are painted in a multi-step process using an electrically applied coat to prevent rust, followed by a primer coat, a base coat and finally a clear coat. The clear coat is designed to protect the base (or color coat) from damage from the sun and other contaminants. However, the clear coat is very thin (typically less than the thickness of a piece of paper) and so when it’s damaged it is very important to correct that damage in a way that preserves as much of that clear coat as possible.   Typical damage that can be safely corrected to dramatically improve the gloss and shine of your paint includes swirls  from improper washing, light scratches, bird lime etching and oxidation.    I focus on removing or minimizing as much of these defects as possible while still preserving the integrity of your clear coat.