My detailing service is completely different than what you might get from the local car wash.  I am experienced, thorough and I do all the work myself. I care about the overall result and doing the work in a way that protects your vehicle. I understand that the interior of your vehicle is made up of different materials and that it’s important to use the right chemicals to clean and protect those surfaces. For example, a carpet can be cleaned with a chemical that is more alkaline on the PH scale, but it then must be extracted with hot water that is more acidic on the PH scale so the carpet is left in a neutral state and won’t just attract more dirt to the fibers.  I also focus on making sure I am cleaning in a way that works to sanitize the vehicle and thus reduce the overall amount of bacteria and germs in your car.   Most vehicles are full of germs because many of us are in them every day and never properly clean them. In fact, a steering wheel is about 4 times dirtier than a toilet seat (fun fact you can find on  Google!).  I use steam, PH-balanced chemicals and professional cleaning processes and tools to get your interior as clean as possible and feeling new again.  I have high expectations for the finished result, and my only goal is to earn your 5 star review.  

Interior Detail

Prices start at $190

This service will rejuvenate and sanitize your interior, remove all dirt and grime and restore your interior to like-new condition.  This detail includes steam cleaning and hot water extraction as needed to deep clean the carpet and cloth upholstery, as well as complete cleaning of all leather, vinyl, hard surfaces and glass. We also add protection to the hard surfaces to prevent damage caused by harmful UV rays.   All interior only details include a complimentary soft touch hand wash. Price shown above is for a sedan and will increase based on the size and condition of your vehicle.

“Incredible attention to detail.”

Superior Service. Absolutely incredible!!! My car was an absolute mess. Car was covered in dog hair, mud and dog drool. Windows filthy. When I picked up I was in AWE. Dave cleaned from bumper to bumper, every inch of it. Incredible attention to detail. I could not be happier. Highly recommend Fox Valley Detailing.
Gail amrein