Headlight Restoration

Prices start at $75

Yellow and oxidized headlights can be restored and headlight restoration is a much cheaper option than replacing these expensive car parts. I will sand, polish and protect your headlights to restore the exterior portion of the lense and then protect it with a ceramic coating to prevent it from oxidizing.

Why should I consider headlight restoration?

Yellow and faded polycarbonate headlights can generally be restored at a price that is much less than what it normally costs to replace these expensive automotive parts.  A professional restoration includes a multi-step process which involves wet sanding, compounding, polishing and then protecting the clarified lense, so your lights are bright and clear.  

Why should I choose Fox Valley Detailing for headlight restoration?

A professional headlight restoration by Fox Valley Detailing differs from a DIY kit that you can buy over the counter at an auto parts store, as I use a multi-step process to bring back clarity, but I then follow that up with a professional lens coating that is available only to authorized Opti-Coat ceramic coating installers.  This coating contains a ceramic hybrid resin that contains high levels of UV blockers to produce long-term protection and reduce future fading of the polycarbonate material. 


“Dave did an amazing job”

Dave did an amazing job on my fiancée's car! It is even mother-in-law approved now! He is super easy to get ahold of and will even schedule appointments via text. Just a few questions and I was able to get an emailed quote and get on the books for the same week! I only wish I had another car for him to detail 😊
Lauren Coffman