exterior Detail

Prices start at $210

This service is designed to restore your exterior to make it look as good as it possibly can in about half a day.  I start with a “no touch” wash to remove surface dirt without scratching your paint.  I follow that up with a soft touch hand wash, iron remover and clay treatment to remove embedded contamination.  Once the paint is completely clean, it is machine polished to restore shine and gloss and then protected with a synthetic wax.  This service also includes an engine bay detail.  Paint correction and ceramic coatings are available for an additional charge. Price shown above is for a sedan and increases based on the type and size of your vehicle.

“The Jeep looks as good as new”

My wife inherited a Jeep from her father and it was in pretty rough shape, we thought there was no way to save it...a day with Dave and the Jeep looks as good as new!!! Absolutely incredible job! Dave is extremely professional and courteous, the shop is very clean and the service is top notch. For a very reasonable price I would highly recommend Fox Valley Detailing to anyone!
Chad Maxon