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If you’ve been searching for a car detailing service near you, you’ve found the right place.  My name is Dave Mueller and I own Fox Valley Detailing.  I have been professionally trained and am certified by the International Detailer’s Association.  I do all the work myself and my entire focus is making sure you have a smile on your face when you pick up your car.  I’ll meticulously clean and restore your vehicle to your satisfaction.  My goal is to Make Your Car Look New Again!  

All of my auto detailing services are customized to meet your specific needs.  I specialize in paint correction, ceramic coatings and interior restorations.  

Here at Fox Valley Detailing, I offer the full line of Owner’s Pride interior and exterior protection options.  The Owner’s Pride flagship product is their 7-year ceramic coating.  This industry leading coating is a paint protection product designed to help your vehicle look its best. This coating has better chemical resistance, scratch & mar resistance, and release properties than any automotive paint coating in use. It provides permanent protection for all modern factory paints and can also be used to protect metal and hard plastic surfaces.

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