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A professional you can trust.

If you’ve been searching for a car detailing service near you, you’ve found the right place.  At Fox Valley Detailing, we’ll detail your car in your driveway so you can relax in the comfort of your home while we meticulously clean and restore your vehicle.  We will make your car look new again. 

All of our services our customized to meet your specific needs. We take the time to learn about you and your vehicle so we can provide you with the service you want.  We complete all of our work in a professional manner and use the least aggressive method when detailing your vehicle.  As an example, many consumers may not know that polishing car paint actually removes and levels the clear coat which protects your paint from the harmful effects of the sun.  While there are safe ways to polish car paint and polishing is needed from time to time, it should never been done unless it is really needed.  We assess each car we detail and make that determination so we can treat your car right and make sure we do no damage during the detailing process.

Our most popular detail is the Full Detail.  This detail includes a meticulous interior and exterior cleaning as well as an engine bay detail.  We clean every nook and cranny as our goal is to restore your car and make it look like you just brought it home from the factory.  We vacuum, shampoo and steam the interior to thoroughly decontaminate your car. We follow that with protection of all interior hard surfaces to keep your interior looking and smelling new. 

The exterior of the car is treated to a multi-step soft touch hand wash with chemical and mechanical decontamination to remove all embedded surface contaminants.  We then polish the paint as necessary to remove minor defects to enhance the overall shine and gloss of your car’s paint.  We add a premium paint sealant to protect your car and keep it looking beautiful.  

We also offer a Quick Detail which includes a multi-step soft touch hand wash and spray wax with an interior vacuum and wipe down. 

Other available services include paint correction, headlight restoration, over spray removal (i.e. road paint and tar), smoke removal, engine bay detailing, interior only, exterior only, trim restoration and scratch removal.

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